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Zhurnal'nyi zal v Russkom Zhurnale.
Elektronnaia biblioteka sovremennykh literaturnykh zhurnalov Rossii
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Welcome to the English-language version of FEB-web

What is FEB-web?

"FEB-web" is short for The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore, a project instituted in 1995 by the Gorky Institute of World Literature and the Informregistr Center at the Russian Ministry for Communications, and online since July 2002. FEB-web is, first and foremost, a repository of Russian verbal art and the scholarly and other texts vital to understanding it. FEB-web makes the canon of Russian verbal art available free of charge to anyone with internet access. FEB-web is also a unique analytical tool with functional capabilities that allow researchers to approach Russian verbal art in a fundamentally new way. In assembling its collections, FEB-web sustains an unprecedented level of bibliographical and textological precision these are texts the most demanding researchers can trust. The key concept that makes all this possible is The FEB-web Digital Scholarly Edition (DSE). Each DSE combines an exhaustive collection of primary texts with all the essential secondary literature and bibliographical works you need to do research on a given author, genre, or work (e.g. Pushkin, byliny, or The Lay of Igor's Campaign ).

Quote of the Day
                Ch'ia ten' parit pod potolkom
                       Nad nashimi glavami?
                Za nei, pred nei... o, strakh! - krugom
                       Poety so stikhami!
(Batiushkov K. N., Pevets v Besede liubitelei russkogo slova) - P. 256. More
FEB-web News
1. Publication of the fundamental academic edition "Istoriia russkoi literatury: V 10 t." ["A History of Russian literature in Ten Vols."] (Moscow and Leningrad: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 19411956) has begun in the History of Russian Literature DSE. The following volumes, totalling approximately 1,400 pages, have already been published: "Tom pervyi: Literatura XI nachala XIII veka" ["Vol. 1: Literature of the 11th to early 13th Centuries"], "Tom vtoroi. Chast' 1: Literatura 1220-kh 1580-kh gg." ["Vol. 2, Part 1: Literature from the 1220s to 1580s"], and "Tom vtoroi. Chast' 2: Literatura 1590-kh 1690-kh gg." ["Vol. 2, Part 2: Literature from the 1590s to 1690s"].
2. "Tom vtoroi: 19171920" ["Vol. 2: 19171920"] (Moscow: IMLI RAN, 2005) of "Letopis' zhizni i tvorchestva Esenina v 5 tomakh" ["A Chronicle of the Life and Work of Yesenin, in Five Volumes"], with approximately 800 pages and 350 illustrations, has been published in the Yesenin DSE.
3. "Slovar' literaturnykh tipov. Tipy Pushkina" ["A Dictionary of Literary Types: The Types of Pushkin"] (St. Petersburg: Izd-vo "Slo. lit. tipov", 1912), with more than 250 pages, has been published in the Pushkin DSE.
4. "Literaturnye tipy Lermontova" ["The Literary Types of Lermontov"] (St. Petersburg: Knigoizd-vo "Vskhody", [1908]), with around 120 pages, has been published in the Lermontov DSE.
(Please note: These items are currently available only at the Russian-language version of FEB-web.)
1. A new DSE on Periodicals has been opened in the Dictionaries and Encyclopedias section of FEB-web. This DSE is the first digital union catalog of Russian (pre-Revolutionary) periodical printing over the first 200 years of its existence in Russia (17031917).
2. The following publications, totalling approximately 1,700 pages, have been published in the Sholokhov DSE: "Mikhail Sholokhov: Letopis' zhizni i tvorchestva" ["A Chronicle of the Life and Work of Mikhail Sholokhov"] (Moscow: Galeriia, 2005); the bibliographic aid "Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov" ["Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov"] (Moscow: Kniga, 1969); "M. A. Sholokhov: Biobibliograficheskii ukazatel' proizvedenii pisatelia i literatury o zhizni i tvorchestve" ["Mikhail Sholokhov: A Biobibliographic Index of the Works of the Writer and Literature on His Life and Work"] (Moscow: IMLI RAN, 2005).
3. To answer users' questions, the editors of FEB-web would like to remind readers of the site's principles for presenting texts.
(Please note: These items are currently available only at the Russian-language version of FEB-web.)
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FEB-web works best in Explorer 5.5 and higher. Make sure that Unicode is supported on your browser. JavaScript and Active Scripting must be enabled.

- To view texts in Russian, French, German, and other languages, you need Times New Roman in a version no older than 2.76. Windows users who want to view texts with pre-reform Russian characters (e.g. iat' ) need Palatino Linotype. To view texts with Old Russian, Old Church Slavonic, and other characters, you need Code2000.
- You should select the Cyrillic encoding (Windows 1251). On older versions of Windows, multi-language support for Russian has to be enabled in order to read the Russian texts on FEB-web.
- Nota Bene: In order to view the texts in the digital editions , click on the [Text] icon. Clicking on titles brings up a new window with a description of the text (image, audio or video file). To get to the text from that window, just click on the Text link.
- For the best search results, use the internal search engines in the digital editions.

FEB-web employs the Library of Congress transliteration system, minus diacritics.


FEB-web catalog entries, including transliterated ones, are presented in the standard Russian cataloging format (GOST 7.1-84).

- This version of FEB-web is in its initial stages. For now, the full range of materials and resources available on FEB-web is accessible only through the Russian-language version.


All material supplied via The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore (FEB-web) is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, and duplication or sale of all or part of any of the digital editions (databases) is not permitted, except that material may be duplicated by you for your research use or educational purposes in electronic or print form. You must obtain permission for any other use. Electronic or print copies may not be offered, whether for sale or otherwise to anyone who is not an authorised user.


The people behind FEB-web

The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore was started by The Gorky Insitute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Science and The Informregistr Center for Scientific Research and Development at the Ministry for Information Technology and Communications of the Russian Federation.

This project is funded in part by The Russian Foundation for Humanities Scholarship and The Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

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