FEB-web is proud to present a Digital Scholarly Edition (DSE) devoted to the life and works of Aleksandr Sergeevich PUSHKIN. This DSE is designed to provide the best possible digital medium for pursuing research on Pushkin. Toward that end, we have set three objectives:

Naturally, we did not include all the editions of Pushkin and all the scholarly literature about him: there are simply too many editions and too much scholarship to present here. This DSE has: the most authoritative editions of Pushkin's collected works and scholarly editions of individual works, memoirs about Pushkin, criticism of his works written during his lifetime, the best monographs and serials of Pushkin-studies, and the reference and bibliographical publications traditionally used by serious Pushkin scholars. The materials in the DSE were selected with the practical needs of scholars, educators, and students in mind. All the source texts are reproduced digitally in their entirety (text, illustrations, front matter, etc.), and the structure and pagination of the original editions are preserved. The punctuation and orthography of the source text are also preserved, as is the print format. All the texts in the DSE are equipped with precise bibliographical annotations.

To help users orient themselves, the DSE is divided into seven thematic sections:

Some of these sections are further divided into sub-sections (for more information about these sub-sections, see the descriptions of the individual sections).

The structure of the DSE is expressed by the expanding "tree" in the frame on the left side of the screen: it starts at the broad level (e.g. the section "Pushkin's Works") and goes down to the elemental level of individual works - poems, novels, letters, monographs, articles, etc. Keep clicking, and you'll get to what you were looking for. Most of these individual works also have an internal structure (e.g. chapters, introduction, etc.), which is shown on the left-hand side of the text frame.

The quickest way to find a particular text by Pushkin, of course, is to use the Search function. Click the box next to the field for "Title", and a list of titles in the DSE will pop up in the frame on the right - check the one you want, run the search, and you'll receive a full listing of all the editions of works with that title available in the DSE. You can also enter the title (or even a few words from the text) into the Lexical Search field. The results will give you immediate access not only to all the editions of that poem, story, novel, etc., but also to all the scholarly articles devoted to it, and any mentions of it in memoirs, critical literature, biographies, letters, and all kinds of other documents in the DSE.

Generally speaking, the structure of the DSE is an intuitive way to organize a huge amount of information - sit down for a few minutes, try a couple searches, familiarize yourself with the format, and you'll be ready to work with the most complete digital collection of Pushkin, Pushkin scholarship, and Pushkinistica on the planet.
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