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Select one of the DSE in the list below and then enter the search terms in all or some of the fields in the form on the left side of the pop-up "Search" window.

Use the "Word(s)" field to search the full text of the DSE. (For example, you might use it to examine usage across an author's oeuvre. Choose "texts" or "descriptions" to search for in the full text or in the annotations to the texts, respectively.

To use the attribute search - "Author", "Title", "Date" - click on the buttons to the left of the field. A list of the authors, titles, and dates in the DSE will pop up in the frame on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the attributes you want, and they will automatically appear in the search form, where you can then edit the search term. To skip to the needed authors, titles, or dates, use the "Jump To" function at the top of the list.

To execute the search with the terms you have entered or selected, click on the "Search" button. Search terms are always joined by "AND" across fields (e.g. word "сон" AND author "Pushkin"). Search results are displayed in the frame on the right-hand side of the screen. They can be ordered by author, title, or date, and the number of search results per page can be specified.

To do a new search, either click on "Clear All" or on the "X" button to the left of the field you would like to clear.

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