Below you will find our list of Friends of FEB-web - our partner organizations and allied Internet resources. This list is by no means the same as FEB-web participants or related sites, though you might find some of the same sites in these other lists.

We welcome any proposals for partnership or cooperation of any kind. Such proposals can be addressed either to the General Director of FEB-web, Dr. Konstantin Vigursky ( or to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Igor Pilshchikov ( Proposals from European or American organizations and individuals can also be addressed to the Editor of FEB-web's English-language Version, Joe Peschio (

Webmasters: If you like FEB-web, by all means post our banner or links on your site. If you'd like us to post your banner or link on FEB-web, please contact us about arranging an exchange.

Friends of FEB-web
Petrozavodsk State University
Petrozavodsk State University Department of Russian Literature
The Russian Virtual Library