Section contents

This section of the Fundamental Digital Library presents encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference works of a similar format. The purpose of the section is to provide the reader with multifaceted linguistic, philological, and encyclopedic information to aid in the analysis of the FEB-web holdings.

There are three types of reference works in this section:

1) Encyclopedias and encyclopedic dictionaries;

2) Multi-lingual and monolingual general dictionaries, as well as topical terminological dictionaries;

3) Dictionaries of the language of various writers, along with concordances, frequency dictionaries, rhyme dictionaries, etc.

All these different corpora of information are structured using the same basic unit: the individual dictionary or encyclopedia entry, which can usually be identified using the headword (the headword can be a word, a collocation, a term, a proper name, etc.). The encyclopedias and dictionaries presented here in electronic form reproduce the print original in all but a few respects. Rather than break down the contents of each reference work by volume, we chose to present each work to the user in the form of a single, alphabetical list of entries. The pagination of the original editions is reproduced only in the printer-friendly version of the entries. The section can be searched by keyword and, when necessary, by entry author. All the front matter and other materials not in the alphabetical section (title pages, lists of authors, etc.) are given in the description of each edition and linked to it.

The FEB-web editorial staff would be most grateful for any comments or suggestions regarding the content, structure, and presentation of this section.